Sick and tired of instagram shadow banning your account when you make too many actions?

save workload and time with our DM Service 

How our DM lead generation works


  1. We target people who follow other large influencers or post on specific hash tags in your niche.


  1. We compile a list of these user and filter based on the most active users and other qualifications of your choice.


  1. Our 10000’s accounts send out targeted DM to these users, sharing your profile.


  1. New targeted businesses leads, who care about your content and want to buy your products are attracted to your page, bringing you increase revenue and profits.


  1. Follower campaigns are generally fulfilled  within 2-5 days depending on the size of your order and current client load,  once work is completed we can send you screen shots of all work completed once requested.



Telegram DM

You need to send us a minimum of 5-10 targeted groups (these must be public)  link to message.

If you don’t have any, speak to us and we can help you with this, we have ways to source groups for you.

Telegram Mass DM pricing

£100 for 1000  DMS .

Instagram DM


5k DMS =

10k DMS =

50K DMS=

250k DMS=

500k DMS=

Depending on the size of the order we will need multiple different open instgram pages for us be able to message.

Contact us now to discuss your order.